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Integrating Social Media With Other Marketing Streams

The success of social media marketing campaigns is often unpredictable, and that’s all down to human behaviour. Humans usually have a balanced approach to their daily lives but now and then we make decisions that don’t quite make sense. So, it can be difficult to know whether your campaign is going to be successful. However, with good planning and integration you’re on the right path to a successful campaign.

Social media is a great tool for your New Zealand business with many different components that can be used to achieve just about anything. And if you integrate this into all of your marketing tools, you’re onto a winner.

For example, if you produce a regular newsletter or direct mail campaign you already have a database of your clients set up to receive social media campaigns. All you need to do is point them in the direction of your online existence.

Firstly, you should have a good look at all of your online and offline marketing campaigns and how you can integrate them.

The aim is to use offline (printed resources) to drive your clients to your online campaigns and for the online campaigns to compliment your offline resources.

It’s all about building a stronger connection between the two and getting them to work together effectively.

Once you know what you’re working with, you need to make a plan. It doesn’t need to be set in stone and can be built upon as you work through your integration.

Tips for integrating your ‘offline’ marketing

A good way to start this process is to ask the question: “How can I promote my online social media presence through my printed resources (offline)?”

It’s really quite simple.

You will almost certainly have some printed resources you use to promote your business, e.g. business cards, loyalty cards, advertisements, til receipts and shopping bags.

All you need to do is include information about how your clients (or prospective clients) can find you online. Include your twitter, facebook, blog addresses on printed material and you’re half way there. You could also offer an incentive for people to visit your online presence, i.e. free gym membership for a month, free samples of your products, exclusive offers and discounts.

Just wait for the tweets and messages to flood in!

Tips for integrating your ‘online’ marketing

This side of the integration process can often be more complex than offline integration, but don’t be put off, it also offers more possibilities and we are here to help you!

Firstly, have a good look at what online marketing methods you are already using.

Email newsletters: Include a link from your Facebook page and website asking people to sign up to your newsletter via a sign up form. Explain what they will get from the newsletter if they sign up, e.g., up to date information, exclusive offers or discounts.

Pay per click: If you are using pay per click (PPC) as part of your online marketing campaign the most important thing is to ensure your landing pages are up to scratch and up to date. Ensure your landing page includes links to your Facebook, twitter and blogs.

Search Engine Optimization: It’s important to include key words in your website, facebook, twitter and blogs to enable people to find you easily. Promote your online social presence at every possible opportunity.

And remember if in doubt contact us – Mobilize Mail specialises in smart email & social media marketing solutions.

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