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The next wave…is the “commercialisation of social networking”

social_media_iconsThe “commercialisation of social networking” is the next wave and while many brands and businesses are dedicating time and resource to Business profiles on Facebook, Twitter etc; there is a lack of activity and personality to a huge number of profiles.

A study by Weber Shandwick found that while 73% of Fortune 100 manage a total of 540 Twitter accounts, 76% “tweet infrequently” while 52% were “not actively engaged.”

The statistics mentioned are not surprising to us – in the early days we personally dedicated a huge number of hours per day in managing our own profiles. Businesses know they can benefit from social media profiles and speedily set up their profiles then fail to ‘tweet regularly due to the time commitment. The 73% “Tweet infrequently” statistic is therefore not a surprise. Over the last few months we have worked hard on creating a solution that can actively assist Businesses with their profile management.

A New Mobilize Mail Service – Social Media Solution

Mobilize Mail has a new service now online. Our social media solution actively manages your business social networking profiles, via automated rules set up to push information to your profiles (twitter, facebook) from your blog or website. Our social media solution can also be integrated with your email marketing so your newsletters can also be generated and delivered automatically.

Our Social Media Solution is perfect for Businesses. They can now manage their Twitter and Facebook profiles efficiently without committing hours in manual management. We know the future of marketing is with social media and our solution enables all Businesses to participate effectively.

For more information on our Social Media Solution contact Donna – via our Quote page click here

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