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Not respecting your subscribers can be extremely damaging to your business

We have ranted on about treating your subscribers with respect a few times now.

One of our recommendations is to always send your subscribers content that they subscribed to receive and nothing else. If you subscribed to receive information on the latest wine specials from New Zealand wineries you would not expect to receive special deals on trips to Fiji.

Well, one company did send their subscribers content that a subscriber thought was not relevant and found out that sometimes this can massively backfire especially if one of the subscribers is a very influential blogger.

David Meerman Scott was so incensed at receiving what he believed to be unrelated content that he wrote about the experience in a blog post titled “Sleazy opt-in email tactics from otherwise reputable organizations”.

The word spread so fast that the company in question removed the entire email campaign for review and attempted to clean things up by commenting in David’s post.

Don’t let this happen to you. The fact that we are now commenting and linking to the post has increased the readership of the mentioned company even more and we are just one blog of over 100+ million blogs around the world.

As a refresh we recommend you read our “How being a bit smarter with your email marketing can bring great returns” here.

David’s post can be read here.

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