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Reach More with Social Media Links in Your Emails


I have exciting news – we have added a Social Media Tag Library in your Mobilize Mail Account.

You can now reap the rewards by gaining more visibility for your business through email marketing.

Each time you mail out to your database (mailing lists) you can gain more views of your email content with the Social Media links in your email template – or in the message.

Image of links in a message.


You may be thinking right now…but what is Social Media?

The short answer is Social Media is a term coined for websites that provide platforms for interacting and networking. Some well known examples of social media sites are Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn. You may have accounts with these sites, and your mailing list/database of clients, prospects will more than likely have one or many accounts.

With these accounts your email recipients can click a Social Media link (in your email message) to share your email message content with the people they are networked to through their social media account.

For example we have a twitter account called When we receive an email message that provides a social media link to Twitter (Twit This) we can click the link and share the email message with our 6000 followers.

You can see why this is big news!

You send a message to one person and they can share it with lots of people by clicking a link in your message and you can find out who shared your message by viewing your email campaign statistics. You may even wish to reward these people for sharing your emails with their networks.

Contact us [email protected] to add the Social Media Links to your Template – a 15 min job.

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