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13 Hrs Online/Week, $$ Spend Up, Email Marketing & Social Media

Wow! Technically we are in a recession however you would be forgiven for not realising it if your business is online. According to Neilsen Online Marketing Intelligence 2009 – the average time spent online is now 13 hours a week!

More time online has also translated into more money is being spent online. Businesses are dedicating more budget to email marketing – source and working out how to tie in their email marketing with social media.

The Internet Bureau’s latest email newsletter said “75% of the global online population is now engaged in online social behaviours and social media is growing in NZ. 200,000 newly active social networking accounts were recorded between October 2008 (1.7 million) and February 2009 (1.9 million), according to MSN’s PR agency, Talkies Group.”

What social media tools are you using for your business? A Facebook and Twitter account are now considered the norm for business. Participation in discussion forums is also increasing in popularity with experiencing a 30 percent increase in visitor traffic and a higher volume of discussion threads in 2009.

Twitter works perfectly for directing visitors to discussion forums and blogs and this approach is being integrated with email. Facebook is now being used by non-online businesses and email is being utilised as the channel.

To get more out of your email marketing with social media watch out for our new Business Blogs website – due for release in July 09. There will be at least a couple of dedicated blogs on Social Media and how you can use it effectively with your email marketing.

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