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Online Advertising & Search Engine Marketing Go Hand in Hand

The good news is 52 percent of your website visitors actively respond to online advertising – according to a recent study by

The study also suggests there is a close relationship between online advertising and search engine marketing where iProspect says:

“Internet users initially respond to online display advertising as follows:

  1. 31% respond by directly clicking on an ad.
  2. 27% respond by searching for the product, brand, or company by launching a search on a search engine.
  3. 21% respond by typing the company web address into their browser and directly navigating to the website.
  4. 9% respond by investigating the product, brand, or company through social media venues.”

Reading between the lines this information tells us that we will more than likely get a greater response to our online advertising with a website that ranks well with search engines.

Nearly half of direct clicking of an online advert triggers a follow up internet search on the business. How does your company perform on a Google search? Does it come up on either the first or second page using key words that describe your business?

There are strategies you can take to improve your website search ranking results including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), active participation on social media sites including discussion forums, and paid search engine marketing.

The iPropsect study also revealed that 33 percent of online adverting response is converted to actual sales. Of course this is not true for all online campaigns – greater success would come from marketing your service or product to a targeted audience.

Email marketing can also provide an effective online advertising medium with small static banners, and the highly effective text banners strategically placed in your emails. Suppliers to your business may be willing to advertise in your emails – essentially paying your email marketing costs! Or if you are part of a referral network equally all network partners would benefit from marketing to different databases.

For more information on banner advertising in your emails Contact us for more information on banner advertising in your emails.

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