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A Client Reference – Thanks New Zealand For You


I have been using the services of Mobilize Mail for nearly 18 months, both for my own business NEW ZEALAND FOR YOU, and also through my involvement in two other property marketing firms. From my first meeting with Donna Richardson of Mobilize Mail, I was very impressed with her enthusiasm, her knowledge and her commitment to her clients. Donna immediately saw what we were trying to achieve in communicating effectively with our database using regular newsletters. She came up with a strategy that fitted our budget and one we felt would enable us to grow the business, and to generate sales.

Database marketing via e-mail was something I had tried on my own account previously, however I was keen to project a more professional and consistent approach. Plus I wanted to ensure that as many recipients as possible received and opened the newsletters I sent. I am aware of the pitfalls of taking a D.I.Y. approach, when it makes more sense to use the services of experts. I have found that Mobilize Mail are definitely experts in their field, and have been a big help to me in my business. They know all about anti-SPAM legislation, and Mobilize Mail works hard to ensure their clients operate within the new regulations.

Donna and her team, led by Marc Krisjanous, have proved to be very helpful and efficient. At the beginning it was something of a learning curve, however Marc and Donna were there to talk me through the various issues. They have designed templates for us to use, plus handled the time consuming aspect of loading my database onto the Mobilize Mail system. I now use the template and insert my own text and images, and then send the newsletters to my database.

The Mobilize Mail system is Web-based, and this means I have access to the system from anywhere with Internet access. There are excellent statistics provided by Mobilize Mail as regards which recipients receive my newsletters, which pages they click onto, plus a whole host of other statistical data – all provided as part of the service. Each time I send out a new newsletter, I can tell how many people have received that message, what particular page(s) they click onto and view on my website, etc etc.

In my opinion, the fees charged by Mobilize Mail are very reasonable for the value they add to my business. I find that Mobilize Mail is a cost-effective way for me to maintain contact with my clients on a regular basis. I frequently receive positive feedback from clients who tell me they enjoy receiving, and reading, my newsletters. Obviously not all clients are ready to purchase a property, however I find the newsletters a great way to keep my New Zealand For You business in front of potential property buyers.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mobilize Mail to any firms looking to communicate with their clients on a consistent, professional manner. Donna, and Marc and the team are great to deal with, and very helpful at all times.

Cheers NOEL


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