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5 Very Effective Ways to Prevent Email Marketing Success

Recent research on business email marketing has revealed the five practices that can end any chance of email marketing success. We suggest you keep this list handy when you are email marketing so you can avoid making these easy-to-do mistakes that can sever any chance of successfully using email to market your business.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Use a “Do Not Reply” email address as the email sender. Our latest research shows that up to 20% of your subscribers will click the reply button to your email message. The usual reason is that they want to ask you something regarding the email you just sent them or even better they want to place an order with you because your email did its job. By electing a [email protected] email address you are in fact giving your subscribers the perception that you do not want to hear from them. Even worse, if the email address is not monitored, you may lose a sale or even worse lose a subscriber.

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    Ensure your ‘From/Sender’ address is regularly monitored for email replies from your subscribers.

  2. Send your subscribers content that is only of interest to you. Who still enjoys receiving emails from businesses stating how fantastic they are and how bad their competitors are? Subscribers are inundated with email every day and their patience wears thin when they open your email and see your sales.

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    Email messages that are ‘targeted’ – where the content is directly relevant to the subscriber/email recipient.

  3. SPAM your subscribers. If stated that you would only send one email per month and you are sending at least one message per week you are spamming your subscribers by not sticking to your agreement. Increasing the frequency of your emails without asking permission from your subscribers is one of the worst actions you can take.

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    Seek permission from your subscribers prior to increasing the frequency of your messages.

  4. Send your email without testing it first. Email presentation changes with each email application e.g. an email message looking great in Outlook 2003 does not (and normally will not) mean it will look great in other desktop email clients such as Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Apple Mail nor will it look the same in the web based email clients such as Yahoo!, Gmail and HotMail.Therefore sending your email without testing it first may result in your subscribers receiving a message that is not your best and this may reflect poorly on your business and brand.

    Mobilize Mail Recommends…
    Test your email message by sending it to as many mail clients as you can BEFORE you send the message to your subscribers.

  5. Send your business newsletters via your desktop email application. A sure fire way of getting marked as a spammer is to use your desktop application such as Outlook to send your newsletter to all your subscribers at once. Why? Because most desktop email applications will send your email via your Internet Service Providers mail servers which many, at any given time, are blacklisted. This means there could be a very good chance that 30% to 50% of your emails are not getting to your subscribers!

    Mobilize Mail Recommends….
    Use an ESP – email service provider to deliver your bulk email. Check out our case study of what happens when you send your email via your ISP Click here

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