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2008 A Harsh Year For Print Magazines

The survival of magazines is online says eMarketer. 2008 saw many magazines fold and overall revenue from advertising drop by 7.1 percent. While this information is for the American market – it’s hard not to see a similar pattern here in New Zealand. We have more consumer oriented magazines per capita than any other nation. As spending tightens the purchase of magazines follows suit.

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The shift in print advertising revenues to other media, particularly the Internet, will continue to thin the ranks of publications, and 2009 will be a year of survival for only the fittest publishers.”

With print advertising revenue falling the print magazine market is being hit twofold. Less magazine purchases and less advertising spend. The magazines that are offering an online service will more than likely be the survivors in tough trading times. Consumers can access the magazine website and get the online magazine for a small subscription fee, and the advertisers potentially receive 24 x 7 coverage of their campaigns providing more bang for their buck.

Email marketing ties in nicely with the online magazine, where a template branded in the style of the magazine can deliver a snapshot of the latest articles and news to drive the recipients to the website.

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