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Positive Feedback For Confirmation Email Reminder

Mobilize Mail added an additional feature to your account and it is providing you with more mailing list subscribers.

The new feature is a reminder email sent to the person who did commence but did not complete the subscription process to join your mailing list.

The results of a review conducted by our support team show that up to 80% of subscribers who did not complete the subscription process the first time did complete the process after receiving the second confirmation email. This is fantastic news for you and we are delighted to have this feature working for you even though you were more than likely not aware of its existence.

Two Step Subscription Process

To increase the quality of your subscriber mailing lists Mobilize Mail supports a two-step subscription process also known as “Confirmed opt-in”. This stops unwanted emails such as spam trap emails from entering your mailing lists.

One down side to the two-step subscription process is that a certain percentage of subscribers fail to click the activation link within the confirmation email, which is needed to confirm their subscription to your mailing lists, and is a compliance requirement so you can prove the ‘opt in’ by the person.

The good news is Mobilize Mail provides a service within your account that when configured will resend the confirmation email a second time. The setup takes less than 5 minutes and runs automatically without any more work from you (‘set and forget’).

The service is called the “Resend Confirmation Email Service” and is located within the “Subscriber Services” section of your account. The feature provides many configuration options including the number of days after the initial subscription process start to resend the confirmation email.

The service also provides reporting on the number of times the confirmation email was resent and from that the number of completed subscriptions.

The service works!

The Mobilize Mail support team reviewed over 100 client accounts to see how the service helped in increasing the completed subscription rate and on average the review showed of the subscribers who received the second confirmation email 80% confirmed their subscription!

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