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Case Study: All Things Finance Quote Submission Form – Smart Landing Page

Mobilize Mail’s Smart Landing Pages provide additional email marketing solutions for existing and new customers. This case study presents a real client example of a Quote Submission Form. All Things Finance (client) provides the market with finance solutions. The client’s web site houses an online quote submission form designed and developed by Mobilize Mail.

Customer Needs:

Provide an online quote submission smart landing page that:

  1. Allow web site visitors to apply for a loan online.
  2. Store the quote submission data in a safe and secure database.
  3. Automatically process the submitted quote and send automatic confirmation emails to All Things Finance staff and the person who submitted the quote.
  4. Allow for updates and extra features to be added to the online quote form with no impact to the other web site features.

Mobilize Mail Solution:

The online quote form is a Mobilize Mail Smart Landing Page hosted on a Mobilize Mail server. The quote form has the exact same web site branding as the main web site.

Figure 1

The Quote Submission Form provides fields for the web site visitor to complete (Figure 2).

Figure 2

When the form is submitted, the data from the online quote form is added to the client’s Mobilize Mail account. As soon as the information is in the client’s account a number of additional tasks are triggered including sending the client and quote form applicant a confirmation email containing the completed form in a client branded HTML email (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Additional business logic has been applied to the client’s quote form solution for example the quote form displays additional questions to the applicant as a result of a particular response in one data field.

Another email trigger has been set to another data field on the quote form to alert the client when the response is negative.

Benefits of the Online Quote Form Smart Landing Page

A major benefit for pushing the quote data to the client’s Mobilize Mail Account is the enablement of automatic messages (auto-responders) for reminders, renewals, and anniversaries; keeping the Quote Form applicant close to you and your business.

The information captured on an applicant or subscriber can also pre-populate data fields on additional smart landing page solutions e.g. Promotions, Reward Programs, Event Registration & Management.

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