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Customer Service – Make It Win Business

Listening to the feedback you get from your customers is key to winning, and retaining business.

The frequency of feedback from your customers on your services and what what you choose to do with the information can make or break your business. The key to keeping your customers close is to seek their input by asking for feedback on your services and products regularly.

Of course asking for feedback is only part of the process. Your customers will want know what you have done with the information you got from them so how you respond is also a vital part of your customer service.

How can you get regular feedback from your Customers?

Create and Deliver a Survey via Email

  1. Create a Survey click here to learn how to create a Survey using your Mobilize Mail account
  2. Set up an Email Auto Message to Deliver Your Survey – and in that message include a link to your Survey. The message can be pre set for delivery. We call this process ‘set and forget’ email marketing.
  3. Set Up a ‘Thank You’ Auto Message – including the incentive or bonus points earned for providing the feedback.

For more information on our Survey and Auto Message Features – contact us

The key to getting regular feedback is to ‘make it easy’ for your customers to respond to you. Limit your survey to under 10 questions and ensure your survey includes at least one question with a ‘free text’ box so your customers can say what they want to say openly over simply responding to your multi choice answers.

Finally ensure you have included an incentive so your customers happily complete your Survey requests. As Sir Francis Bacon uttered in 1597 “Knowledge Is Power” – ultimately what you do with the knowledge from your customers will determine your ability to win and retain business.

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