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Should Mobilize Mail Deliver My Business Email?

The short answer is yes! Use private mail servers to delivery your mail and preferably engage Mobilize Mail to send your business email (bulk and transactional email). To highlight why – here is a recent client case study.

Client Case Study Overview

The Business’s normal practice was to use their CRM to create email presentation and their ISP’s public mail servers to deliver their bulk and transactional email.

As an initial ‘fact finding’ step Mobilize Mail asked the business to send a newsletter email to us via their current system so we could check it out.

Our assessment of that newsletter – it’s presentation and delivery revealed a lot of ‘red flag’ alerts.

The most distressing red flag was the high ‘un-deliverability’ rate where many of their database email recipients were not receiving their email messages at all.

The Newsletter

The newsletter was created in their business CRM program and delivered via the business’s Internet Service Provider (ISP), which is a common setup for a lot of New Zealand businesses.

When we received the newsletter we checked what mail server had sent the newsletter email. The image below shows the IP address of the mail server that sent the email. We can tell that the mail server that sent the email belongs to TelstraClear at the time of this article was published.

The next step was to check if the IP address for the ISP’s mail server was blacklisted. The results were not good! The IP address was listed within 4 blacklist organizations. The end result being some of the business’s emails not getting to all the subscribers! How many? It’s not known as we do not know how many businesses are using those blacklists to monitor incoming email.


Sending your business email via your ISP’s mail servers is very risky. Not only do you not know if the mail server(s) are currently blacklisted thus some of your emails are not getting through but you also do not know when the mail server will be taken off the blacklists – if it can be done at all.

Because your business relies on getting the email through with a high deliverability rate we recommend using dedicated private mail servers that have been designed to send business email.

Mobilize Mail dedicated mail servers are:

  1. Restricted to Mobilize Mail clients only,
  2. Monitored constantly for abuse,
  3. Have an active “whitelisting” policy,
  4. Provide email authentication mechanisms
  5. Only “clean” New Zealand based IP addresses are used.

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