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Analysing Your Email Campaign Click Rate

CTOR (Click to Open Rate) = the ratio of unique clicks as a percentage of unique opens (unique views).

Are you reviewing your CTOR each time you mail out? If not we recommend you do. The CTOR statistic is presented on your ADMIN Homepage (the page you see after you have logged into your account). This primary statistic is a key gauge for measuring how successful your email message content has been in achieving clicks on web page links.

A key goal of email marketing is to drive traffic to websites and specific web pages that may have a marketing message, promotion, product or service for sale and this activity is called ‘push‘ marketing – where you push information to the Inbox and then attempt to ‘pull‘ the recipient to your website or webpage.

‘Push’ to the Inbox to ‘Pull’ to your website

The CTOR is therefore a valuable measurement for gauging the successful of your email marketing and over time there will be upwards and downwards movement witnessed when you compare the CTOR of your regular email marketing activity.

Compare Email Campaign CTOR Statistics

When comparing the CTOR if the rate has been for example 45%, 40%, 49%, 55% per campaign then its dropped to a much lower rate e.g. 20%, 15% it is worth analyzing what has changed in your email content to cause the drop.

What to review in your email message content:

  1. Has the amount of links within your email content dropped suddenly? Maybe you are not providing enough “Call to Action” links that motivate the subscriber to click through.
  2. Have you changed the relevancy of your content? You may have removed content or sections that your subscribers enjoyed. If so it may be time to consider a Survey.
  3. Have you changed your subject heading or FROM address? Sometimes subscribers rely on a specific format for the subject line to spark recognition. If you have changed the subject line to a degree that it does not resemble the same format as the last email campaigns then this could be a reason for the low click through as subscribers have not recognized your email.
  4. Have you altered the frequency of your messages or the date/time of your email delivery? Subscriber/recipient response to your messages may change as a result changes in frequency of your messages or changing the delivery.
  5. Consider when there has been an influx of new subscribers. The bulk of your ‘new’ subscribers may have joined your mailing list within one or two months hence a higher than average CTOR. New subscribers will interact more with your messages during the ‘honeymoon’ period – because it’s new and exciting.

Too Much Content in Your Email Message?

Another reason for low CTOR is the provision of lengthy content within your email e.g. more than 5 pages displayed within the email message.

Presenting all your news within the message rather than short paragraphs per topic and a click thru link to read the entire article on a web page results in a low CTOR. A higher un-subscribe rate may also be evident in messages that are too lengthy and lack “call to action” links.

Not Enough Links?

A lack of “Call to Action” links within the email content can result in a low CTOR.

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