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Survey Feature – No Cost & Online Now

Our survey feature is now online for your use. As a client there is no additional cost for creating a Survey. This article “Surveys Online October 2008” provides a step by step introduction to creating Surveys in your Mobilize Mail account.

From your Admin Home page you can view your existing Surveys and click to create a new Survey (figure 1). If you prefer our team to create the presentation of your survey send your Questions and instructions to We will liaise directly with you from thereon in to ensure your Survey is presented to your liking. Our usual development fees apply for this service.

Figure 1

Once your Survey has been completed – you can alert your database/mailing list or recipient by sending out an email with a link and clickable image to your Survey.

We suggest you use an image of an actual question in your survey to prompt a higher click rate (figure 2). More Survey responses will be achieved for your business.

For any queries regarding our Survey feature please contact us.

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