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More Targeted Marketing, Greater Sales, and Higher ROI Using Web Analytics Data

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It is well known that increasing the relevance of email promotions is a key for good results, however many overlook a great source of information for personalisation – Website analytics data. With recession looming, it will be even harder to get customers to respond to your emails, so it’s important to use all the tools at your disposal to send highly targeted messages.

With simple ‘broadcasting’, or an untargeted approach, industry email response averages are very low and 60-70% of recipients will ignore you. However, research has shown that targeted emails that leverage Website data can generate on average nine-times more revenue and as much as 32 times more in net profit! If you don’t know what happens after a customer clicks through from an email promotion, you’ll never know the true success of a campaign, nor will you capture vital information for future marketing.

By integrating Web analytics with your email campaigns, you’ll be able to glean important insights. Finding out what happens after a customer clicks on an email promotion is the ultimate indicator of customer interest. Targeting emails based on customer’s stated preferences or past purchase behaviour is a start, but addressing current interests of your customers will take you even further. Here are some statistics you can utilise:

  • Website and specific page visits – reveals customer interests.
  • Customer purchases made – useful for cross-sell promotions.
  • Shopping cart abandonments – useful for reminding customers of items left in their cart, and offering specials or alternatives.

If you haven’t used Web analytics before, have a look at your Web host company’s services – basic Web stats is increasingly becoming a standard service. Google Analytics is a great tool you can use at For more advanced stats, software can be found by doing a search for “web analytics software”‘. To analyse customer purchases or abandonments, you can use the admin facility in your e-commerce program.

Using Web analytics data, you can respond more strategically to customer needs, measure email campaign ROI, improve overall campaign relevance, and ultimately deliver superior customer experiences.

Invest more in deliverability to ensure effective campaign results

With the relatively low cost and high ROI of email marketing, it might be tempting to overlook email deliverability, however this means you’re leaving money on the table. A recent survey has shown that nearly a third of email marketers have allocated zero resources to deliverability management.

If you’re not actively monitoring your email delivery, you can run into problems with ISP blocks and other problems due to changing filtering parameters. If you don’t promptly address those issues, they can ultimately damage your email reputation.

Managing email delivery doesn’t have to be difficult or time-intensive. Mobilizemail has invested in effective email delivery technology but a lot depends on your email message content. If you find any deliverability problems appearing in your campaigns, have a look at our checklist.

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