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Social Networking Sites – Participation is Good for Business

According to a recent article online social networking sites are good for business! The article says a British think tank’s recent survey supports the theory that staff using social networking sites benefits their employer.

Social networking sites are said to help users build relationships, and share information and this benefits rather than hinders businesses generally.

The thought to date has been quite the opposite where the argument has been that too much ‘work’ time is spent on some sites like ‘Facebook’ and ‘YouTube’ and more control of usage has been necessary to up the productivity rate. Businesses were either banning staff from accessing sites or restricted their access while in the workplace. The latest evidence suggests a complete ban is now said to be counterproductive as research has shown that participation in social network groups forges the relationships needed in difficult trading times like we are experiencing now.

Not All Social Networking Sites Are Equal

There has been a rise in ‘professional’ social networking sites where businesses encourage staff participation rather than prohibit it. Local sites like which is a targeted discussion site for property investment provide a ‘melting pot’ for professional discussion that benefits businesses providing a product or service to this sector. On Accountants, Lawyers, Analysts, Journalists, Property Traders, Investors are some of the users that actively participate in discussions that lead to new relationships and business opportunities.

Providing more freedom and flexibility to workers is now encouraged and benefits are realised especially in tough economic times.

Joining community based web sites that are local to your region is also a massive help in the promotion of your business. [business:Silicon Welly] is a classic example of a great local business community helping to promote local business to the world.

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