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Surveys – Online Oct 08

The time is right for surveys! What do your customers think of your business? You can find out soon by creating a survey in your Mobilize Mail account. Very exciting and the results are viewable immediately!

The survey feature gives you the power to create surveys at anytime and have your subscribers complete the survey all within your Mobilize Mail account!

Survey features include:

  1. The survey presented on a web page with or without your branding.
  2. Add as many questions as you want and as many response options as you need.
  3. A question can present a single text box for the response or graduate through to lists of check boxes and dropdown options.
  4. Full personalisation on the survey form. For example “Hello Bob, please fill in the survey details below”.
  5. Automate “set and forget” survey expiry.
  6. Once the survey is completed the subscriber can be presented with a thank you message or re-directed to another web site.
  7. Real-time survey results are presented in your account.
  8. The survey can be reused as many times as you desire.

The count-down begins. Contact us to find out more!

Create a survey within your account. No new software needed!

Easy to create questions!

Personalised your surveys!

Easily add a link to any survey within your email message!

Survey with first name personlisation!

Real-time survey statistics!

Coming late October!

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