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Animated Images

Did you know Mobilize Mail supports animated images? We do – and while you may not always want to include an animated image in your email message for special promotions on multiple items the animation is really effective.

The animated image clicks through to a webpage displaying all the items viewed on the image.

With Christmas around the corner – animated images may be just the ticket for your marketing emails.

Testing Results of Animated Images in Emails

Our testing lab has put the animated image inclusion through extensive testing to see how it presents in the most popular email applications. The results show the animated image renders perfectly in:

Lotus, Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora, Windows Mail & Thurderbird.

However the image will not animate in Outlook 2007 (one of the most popular email applications in use today).

Microsoft provided this explanation:


When you receive an email message that contains animated graphics, such as animated .gif files, only a static image appears.


Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 does not display animated graphics files in the body of email messages. Only the first frame of the animation appears.


You can view the message in your Web browser to see the animation.

View an e-mail message in your Web browser

  1. Open the message.
  2. On the Message tab, in the Actions group, click Other Actions
  3. Click View in Browser
  4. Click OK

A reasonable solution I suppose and Mobilize Mail does accommodate the ‘view in browser’ option so your Outlook 2007 users will get the option to view the animated image. We also track the clicks for the ‘view in browser’ so there will be another statistic for you to eagerly view and review.

For more information please [email protected].

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