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It’s Time to Integrate and Propagate

Assuming our headline has got your attention you may be wondering what we mean by “integrate and propagate”. Of course we are referring to email marketing solutions and your business. In short we are suggesting you integrate your email marketing system with your core business systems to grow your business efficiently.

Email marketing systems can deliver a lot more value to your business once your email solutions are integrated (combined) with your core business systems. Human productivity improvement can be realised, customer acquisition, and retention levels can increase and the business can scale to new heights or broaden its reach with existing and new customers.

Email marketing solutions are often seen as "standalone" systems that are essentially worthwhile for e-newsletter presentation, delivery to bulk email lists and basic email address data management. Most systems do allow for more "power user" capability so you can use your email solution as an effective business communication tool.

Humans use 10 percent of their brain and maybe just
10 percent of their email marketing system.

When your systems are standalone core data capture issues are identified or become more pronounced (especially your business grows) and noticeably information bottlenecks can occur resulting in poor time and cost management.

A further reconciliation process is also usually required to ensure all systems have the correct up-to-date information. Integrating your core business systems and databases with your Mobilize Mail account provides you with the time and cost efficiencies, where information can be shared via a single entry point. E.g. You can add new information to your database and programmatically your Mobilize Mail account is also updated allowing for the two systems to contain the same relevant information.

The new information added could also trigger the creation and delivery of an automated message. Automating the creation and delivery of emails is an example of "power user" status achieved post integration of your email solution and database or website. Automated emails may also replace the client or prospect "follow up" and "reminder" communication currently performed by you or a colleague – therefore allowing you to spend more quality time on higher reward tasks.

Integration – Starting Point

Integration can happen gradually and at a pace where results are realized for each step taken. There is also not a "one size fits all" approach to integration. The nature of your business, your goals and existing processes and systems all play a role in determining the correct strategy and implementation plan.

A simple starting point can be the data capture of your website visitor’s details onto your mailing list. What is transferred can be complex or maybe just the simple transfer of a couple of data fields e.g the visitor’s first name for personalizing your emails, and their email address.

Once these details have been transferred to your Account an automated message could be sent to them introducing you, your brand (the message can be in an HTML template) and your business prompting a further response from the recipient which can be received by you or any designated email address. Many clients use this integration feature as an initial stepping stone to a complete marriage of their emailing solution and their core business systems.

No Man is an Island –
and neither should your email marketing solution!

Please contact us for more information on how integration may benefit you and your business.

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