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It’s Holiday Time

During the ‘silly season’ you and your business may be “Out of Sight” for some of the time but you need not be “Out of Mind” and we’re referring to the minds of your customers, advocates etc.

Set and Forget – Emailing

Maintaining the regularity of your email communication over the holiday period need not be a struggle even if you are not physically around to create your message at the time you wish your subscribers to receive it.

With the ‘set and forget’ approach you can create the message (or like most of our clients get our team to create your message) and embargo its release for delivery to your mailing list on the day and time of your choosing.

You can image how much this functionality has changed our clients lives insofar as they have the choice of when they wish to create the message and when they want it to be received by their subscribers.

Email messages can be pre-set for release anytime in the future so this is not ‘just for Christmas’……..but a strategy you can apply anytime throughout the year.

I recently met someone who told me that they are getting up at 4am to create and deliver their email messages.  I believe the reason for the early delivery requirement was due to their mailing list containing quite a few northern hemisphere subscribers – so they wanted to ensure their emails would arrival in their recipients Inbox during the business hours.  Umm there is a better way to do this I told that person…..Mobilize Mail!

Set and Forget – no more early starts and no more red eye.

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