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How to Improve your email Newsletter

Here are our top tips for newsletter success:

  1. Keep It Relevant: Ensure your newsletters contain ‘news’ or content that is highly relevant to your subscribers. We recommend mailing list segmentation to achieve targeted marketing. Your newsletter communication can contain your special deals, new products services – as long as the information is relevant to your subscribers.
  2. Short and Frequent: Email newsletters can be just a few paragraphs yet highly effective – we suggest you keep your newsletters short and frequent to win your subscribers respect, interest and trust.
  3. Share and Receive: Share your expertise and receive a healthy open rate from your subscribers. Providing a regular helpful tip in your newsletters can be the factor or ‘tipping point’ that results in your newsletters being opened and read. If your newsletters are known to provide relevant, helpful information they are more likely to be viewed by your subscribers every time.

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen listed email newsletters as “probably the single-highest ROI action you can take to improve your Internet presence.”

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