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Printed Media and the Anti-SPAM Act

I almost fell off my chair with laughter after reading this press release on scoop today. Below is an extract of the press release.

“New Zealand’s largest printing services company, PMP NZ Limited, predicts the introduction of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act will boost an already buoyant unaddressed media market, and provide great opportunities for the company’s newly launched division, PMP Direct.”


We so far have two clients who stopped their printed media services because of two main reasons:

  1. Its expensive – VERY expensive compared to email. Their entire email marketing budget for the year costs the same for 1 month of printed media including the postage costs!
  2. Its not measureable – our clients can see in real time who opened their email, who clicked on what link.

I for one always grab any kind of unaddressed printed media that pollutes my personal mail box and companies mail box and dump it straight in the trash. It is astounding the waste of natural materials that goes into producing mountains of glossy printed material. There should be a law that controls the amount of unaddressed printed material companies are allowed to produce – just imagine how many resources are used to produce this stuff when most of it ends up in my trash.

Personally I do not read any unaddressed media as a protest for the excessive waste and damage printed media causes the environment. Now I may be wrong but that’s how I see it.

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