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How can I add an unsubscribe link to all my emails?

Another question just came in from a blog reader.

“How can I add an unsubscribe link to all my emails?”

There is another more important question for anyone who has more than themselves in the business:

“How to I manage all the unsubscribe requests coming into my business AND how do I make sure that ALL my staff members are alerted so they do not send the person another commercial email?”

The second question is the most important and I will provide some help to you in that area below.

In answer the first question – if you don’t want to use our Anti SPAM features we provide our clients (click here to read more) then the most simple way is to add a piece of text to your signature stating how the person can unsubscribe from your commercial communication. The DIA business guide for the Anti-SPAM Act provides a couple of examples for the minimal amount of information you need (see resources section below for a link to the business guide). But before you do that – if you have more than yourself in your business then I recommend you read on.

It is vital that you honour a subscribers unsubscribe request within 5 business working days. So with that in mind how can you manage the process of informing all your staff members of the unsubscribe request?

DIA Business Guide

Anti Spam Compliance Solutions For You & Your Business

To see how we can help you and your business comply with the NZ Anti-SPAM Act click here

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