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Harvested Emails and the NZ Anti-SPAM Act

A question from a NZ based business that wants to use Mobilize Mail for commercial email.

“I have a harvested list of subscribers that I have built up over two years and have emailed them over a 100 times. Can I still send to my list after the 5th Sept 2007?”

Short answer – NO

The Act prohibits any use of address harvesting software OR harvested-address lists in connection with sending electronic messages.

What I recommend is using an Email Service Provide like Mobilize Mail to send each subscriber a re-confirmation email before the 5th of Sept which provides a confirmation link within the email. The email provides information about why they should click the link. If they click the link then you have Express consent – which is great because that person wants to hear from you!

If they don’t then you have one less subscriber.

In this situation I would estimate that he will lose over 80% of his subscribers due to poor bounce management and people just ignoring his emails.

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