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SMS and the NZ Anti SPAM Act

Oh what fun!

The NZ Anti-SPAM Act covers SMS messages that are of a commercial nature. That’s fine you say… Well is it? Let us look at what needs to be in a SMS message apart from the message.

1) The name and contact details of the sender who authorised the sender of the message.
2) A functional unsubscribe

That is quite a bit of text that has to be added within the SMS message and the Act currently gives no guidance as to how much detail needs to be added to the message.

For example say my business name is “Great Carpets to You and Your Many Wifes”. Now that needs to go into the SMS which takes up 40 characters if my eyes focused correctly. Maybe we could somehow abbreviate the name to “Great Carpets” and add the main phone number. Would that be enough to comply with the Anti SPAM Act?

Who knows since we have no regulations to help define the requirements.

I can see businesses which support SMS will now be in a world of pain. I will keep you informed as I get more information on this.

Maybe the Aussie Anti-SPAM website has some information on this.

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