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How to Get Your Email Opened

It will not be a surprise to learn that the number one way to get people to open your email is to send email to people that know  you.  An Email Consumer Survey conducted by Return Path in December 2006 also revealed that 51 percent of people surveyed opened email when they had thought they had opened that email previously and believed it contained useful information.  The Subject Line was another key reason for consumers opening email.  If the subject line suggested the email was important or offered relevant information then the consumer would read the email message.

Regular email (but not too regular) gets attention as long as it is relevant to the recipient and the suggestion of a discount on offer will capture the attention of readers.  Surveys provide us with valuable feedback and suggest to us that forming relationships and trust with the people we are emailing is key to getting a good open rate.  With email marketing in particular we need to get into the habit of sending relevant newsworthy emails that are personalised (Dear Sue etc) and written in first person.  Respect and trust needs to be built between you and your mailing list (readers).  Ensuring your email communication is compliant with Spam Laws is essential and also key to getting a good open rate.

Analyse the feedback you received from the statistics captured from your email campaign to learn of your readers choices.  The saying ‘seek to understand, then to be understood ‘ is probably the most fundamental requirement for getting a much improved email message open rate.

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