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NZ Spam Law – Subscriber History Requirements

Q. Do I have to keep permission details sent by my opt-out subscribers who previously given consent to receive a commercial electronic message?

A. Our legal advisors suggest it is advisable to keep as much detail and evidence of opt-in and opt-out subscriptions. The information may be required in case of a complaint.

Some of the key information that needs to be kept as evidence is: consent to the receiving of commercial email, time of sending and the content of all commercial email, evidence of the ‘unsubscribe’ facilities included in the commercial messages and subsequent removal of recipient from a mailing list and this may also include messages confirming the removal.

It is also recommended that you keep all subscriber history including consents, ‘opt-out’ and compliance records for at least six years.

Mobilize Mail provides a subscriber history record for all your subscribers. It is dynamically recorded and accessible from your account on Mobilize Mail.

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