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NZ Spam Law – Charities Must Comply

The Australian Spam Law – “Spam Act 2003” provides an exemption for Charities and Religious organisations. The New Zealand Spam Law – “Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007” is not following suit – all charities and religious organisations will need to comply with the legislation as from 5th September 2007. Imagine the following headline – “Salvation Army fined $100,000 for Spamming” in the News. It’s quite unthinkable really – in my humble opinion it is difficult for Charities to get awareness and funding for their cause – they end up spending lots of money and time on driving funds their way.

I suppose on a positive note Charities may be encouraged to utilise email more effectively and be an integral part of the marketing campaign. Like all perceived set backs – there are positives too. We are working with charities and non-profit organisations providing as much value as we can so they can get the benefit of measurable email marketing and compliance without it taking their valuable time away from their cause – helping others.

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