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Is Your Email Complaint with the NZ Spam Law?

There is less than four months to go before the New Zealand Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 is enforced. We believe you need to be analysing your existing email marketing practices and planning your compliance project now. Individuals and Businesses can be affected by this new law due to compliance requirements for one to one email communication as well as bulk email.

Here is a situation that will be affected by the new Spam Law that you may be familiar with: You get talking to a friend, or associate and they suggest you contact someone they know and they pass you the person’s email address. You send this person an email introducing your services and you may also provide a link to your website. Sound familiar? This situation happens to us a lot – it’s great to get these referrals or leads for your business isn’t it? Well as from 5th September 2007 the action of sending someone an email with ‘commercial’ content or a link to a website that has commercial information (without prior consent from the person) will be non-compliant. Are you aware of the email practices of your employees? Sales people in particular may be caught out by this type of situation. Here is an article that explains the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007. Contact us to assist you with your email practices assessment.

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