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Other’s Opinion on NZ Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act

Here is one viewpoint on the compliance requirements of the NZ Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act.

“Investing in compliance increases deliverability and raises the value of an email message as it makes it harder for the junk to reach consumers over legitimate email. Anti-Spam is Web 1.0- it’s over. Compliance is Web 2.0 and it’s finally the beginning to solving the problem we all collectively face.”
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And here is my response…
“Hello James – I agree with your comments about how compliance can add value to a businesses email deliverability rate in that you are forced to re-confirm all existing subscribers where content cannot be proven. That means you have a clean mailing list that contain subscribers who still want to hear from you. With that in mind of course your email performance metrics will look better. However in my opinion compliance does not increase the deliverability of an email campaign as spammers will always find a way to get into a persons email box. There are 200 hundred core spammers in the world – 80% of them operate within the US and many actually send SPAM while complying with the CAN-SPAM act. We have written a few articles on the subject based on our own customers experience with “compliance” and the only people who will be paying the price of this new law is the ethical businesses not the spammers.”

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