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NZ Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act – Update

Talking to some of our clients about the New Zealand Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act one question we find always comes up is the following:

‘Before the Act comes into force, do I need to be sure I have some kind of consent before sending a commercial electronic messages to clients, even if they are already on my mailing lists?’

The answer is YES. Before you send any emails after and during the 5 September you must be able to prove consent (express, informed or deemed). This is why its absolutely paramount that all businesses look at their mailing lists and confirm consent for each subscriber. Its not as easy as you think and we have been working closely with a number of our clients on this.

One of the features we have available to our clients who use the Mobilize Mail software to manage their email campaigns is a reconfirmation facility which sends all subscribers within their account an email asking for reconfirmation of the subscription. If the subscriber wishes to continue with the subscription they must click a link within the email thus confirming their consent (which is recorded against their subscription account). This process may sound scary and it could be as the practice has been known to cut mailing lists by up to 80% but what the client has at the end is a mailing list with consent recorded and just as important 100% interest in your emails!

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