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The NZ Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act comes into force on 5 September 2007 which is about 6 months away.

My opinion is that most businesses will leave the task of dealing with compliance until the last minute not realising that cleaning up existing mail lists is not an easy task which you can book a Sunday afternoon to complete.

We have already started the process of helping our clients clean up their existing mailing lists which also includes the day-to-day emails which is where the bulk of the work will be I believe. A number of questions have been raised by Mobilize Mail staff and our clients. The answers are not provided in the Act so we and our business partners have worked towards finding the answers ourselves.

Helen in her latest article points out an important part of the Act in that you must have consent from your existing subscribers. We have a few clients that thought sending subscribers emails with an unsubscribe link a number of times constitutes consent but it does not unless there is some additional criteria that meets one of 3 forms of consent.

We have a number of strategies to help businesses identify areas within their email communication that could be an issue for compliance and if you are interested in Mobilize Mail helping you please contact us.

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