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Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 – Press Release

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Feb 28th 2007 5:35am

Govt passes laws clamping down on spam, but admits it will not stop overseas spam

The Government is confident the law now has the teeth to deal with the spam afflicting New Zealand computer users, but admits it cannot stop spam originating from overseas.

Parliament passed the Unsolicited Electronic Messages, or Anti-Spam, Bill last night 118 votes to two.

Communications Minister David Cunliffe says the legislation will allow New Zealand to join the global fight against spam as international co-operation is needed to block its sources. He says the Act bans people from using address harvesting software or a harvested address list to send unsolicited commercial electronic messages.

Critics say it will do nothing to deter overseas spammers but Communications Minister David Cunliffe says it was designed to stop New Zealand spammers and over time should reduce spam in entering inboxes by five to 10 percent. There will be a six month transition period before the law takes effect.
Source: Newstalk ZB
Credit: Newstalk ZB

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