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Popular Spammer Tricks

Wow! This is a very very interesting web page that everyone should read to understand how spammers avoid the walls we put up to protect ourselves.

I always wondered the purpose of the blank emails that come into my mail box. No subject heading, no from address, no content – whats the point silly spammers?? Well after you read the tricks on the web page you will know it is a very smart way of testing if an email address is valid.

Spammers are skilled at their job – do I respect them? Well I respect their skill and knowledge but thats it. They have forced all of us in the commerical email space to look at our ethics and practices and thats a good thing.

Spammers take advantage of people who are naive in the ways of the Internet and thus end up giving their hard earned dollars to scams. I don’t respect that and I consider it criminal. At the end of the day we need to educate the Internet users not to buy anything off spammers because unless people stop buying off them there will always be spammers.

Click here to read the article about spammers tricks.

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