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Track which page your recipients subscribe from

If you have more than one subscription form on your website you can track which form was used and by whom with a simple addition to your subscription form.

Follow the steps below:

1) Create a new field in the attributes section of your account and name it something like “source” or whatever is meaningful to you. Make sure the type is “hidden”. Note the special tag name for the new field which will start with “attribute”.

2) Now open the internal subscription form you would like the new tracking field to be added to and select the new tracking field within the subscription form record. Save your changes.

3) Next access the associated external subscription form and click the “Regenerate HTML Code” button. Copy the new HTML subscription code.

4) Place this code on each of the pages on your site, and give the hidden field a value. For example, the front page could use value=”frontpage” and the contact page could be value=”contactpage”. Locate the “source” field by its name which you recorded the name in step 1. For example input type="hidden" size="40" name="attribute10" value="front page"

5) Every time someone completes the subscribe forms, they’ll be added to your list and the hidden form value will passed into the “source” field.

If you want to analyze what subscription forms were used export the subscribers and include the source field. You can now add the data to a spreadsheet application and sort by the source column.

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