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Image Spam on Increase

Have you noticed an increase in the amount of image based spam you receiving? I bet you have run up your ISP and demanded that they fix the problem pronto.

Well it really is not that simple anymore. You see spammers are getting real smart these days and buying very advanced software from underground software manufacturers (yes they have their own software vendors!). The software creates the spam image containing the spam message and then for every email sent (we are talking possibly millions a day) each embedded image is slightly altered at the pixel level so the current spam filters cannot identify the spam. That’s smart!

This is of course not good for the ethical email marketers as the ISP’s have now beefed up their spam filters to a level that our technicians describe as “block any email containing an embedded image.”. I can see why they have taken this approach as its far cheaper to block every embedded image than to spend time and money trying to filter content.

The thing that always bugs me is that the spammers are earning money from their ventures so logically they will keep on doing it until no one clicks on their links. So what are we all doing about understanding why some people click on links within the spammers emails? Who are they? Why do they do it?

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