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Trust is Built with Consistency

The heading “Trust is Built with Consistency” is a popular quote by Lincoln Chafee. It nicely sums up what your business achieves from consistent communication with your email marketing list.



How To Keep Your Email Subscribers

The challenge remains – how to keep your email marketing subscribers. Will the next email message result in a large amount of unsubscribes? This is a real fear for marketers. There are steps your business can implement right now to slow the unsubscribe rate down.



Steve Jobs Selling Rules Work For Email Marketing

It’s been 18 months since the death of Steve Jobs however his wisdom and greatness lives on. An article published in Newsweek a few days after Steve’s death provided Steve’s 10 Rules for selling. Some of these lessons also apply to email marketing – check them out….. 1. Never Stop Studying/Learning Know what works today…


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How We Can Grow Your Business Email List

Mobilize Mail’s clients are growing their email lists and business prospects with our CSN. To utilise our CSN,  your business email marketing messages and/or business blog articles are published on our active blogs and shared with our CSN network and this action increases the reach of your communication with a target audience. Mobilize Mail created…


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What Content Works in eDMs

“Drop the ball on your eDM content at your own peril” –  our words of wisdom for the week! Is it that time again already?  The pressure’s really on to get your monthly newsletter out to your recipients but you’ve got less time than usual to do it, so inevitably the quality of the newsletter…



How To Create A Winning eDM Campaign

A winning email marketing campaign requires careful planning. Our Jan 14 blog post Email Marketing Plan For 2014 provides the steps to get your business email marketing underway in 2014.  Now we are focusing on the planning of an actual eDM campaign. Planning and preparation is required for most things in life yet often it is…



Email Marketing Plan For 2014

Email marketing plans are worthwhile as they can provide focus, measurement and motivation to achieve more in the year ahead. Before you jump into your Email Marketing Plan for 2014 we suggest you review your success over the past 12 months. Review Last 12 Months eDM Activity & Statistics Comparable statistics of similar eDM campaigns….


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How To Send Targeted Email Marketing Messages Now

It’s all very well being told you should segment your email list to get a better ROI from your eDMs (email marketing messages), however its not often explained how to do it! Your business may not have the subscriber data (email list subscriber information) needed to send out more targeted eDMs, and you don’t have…


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B2B Email Marketing & Social Sharing Solutions

We know firsthand it’s a challenge grow your business email list compliantly or in many cases just keep it at same level due to ongoing unsubscribes and bounced email addresses.To meet the email list challenge we created our CSN for our clients! Over the years we have organically grown our B2B CSN network including blogs,…


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